Sports Council

Primary responsibility for sport in the School lies with the Sports Coordinator, supported by members of staff who assist in the teaching of sport. However, it is considered that parents and others are in a position to add value to the development of sport in the school and therefore, to facilitate this, it was proposed to establish a Sports Council.

The role of the Sports Council is to provide a forum:

  • To share input, i.e. ideas, opinions, etc. on matters relating to sport from all the constituents of the School;
  • To promote and support sport in the School;
  • To review progress in achieving the Core Objectives of Sport and the Actions set out in the current Development Plan;
  • To consider the Sports Coordinator’s proposals for the annual revision of the Development Plan;
  • To monitor and assess the participation in and performance of all the sports clubs;
  • To consider funding for sport facilities and equipment;
  • To encourage participation and a sports for all policy.

The Sports Council is comprised of:

  • The Sports Coordinator;
  • The Principal or the Deputy Principal;
  • A member of the Board of Governor’s sports sub-committee;
  • A member of staff involved in sport;
  • Parents of current students;
  • Student representatives (male and female)

The Council meets at the beginning of the school year and at the end of each term when it receives a written report from the Sports Coordinator.