Art is a popular subject among the students of Sandford Park School. The syllabus has been designed to encompass a broad but balanced range of elements from the Art, Craft and Design curriculum.  Students of all levels and abilities enjoy the many varied learning experiences this subject offers. Students also enjoy the use of a very modern and fully equipped Art room, complete with computer access and an interactive Smartboard.  To compliment our class work students are brought on visits to Museums, Galleries and Heritage sites. To date, a high percentage of our  students have pursued Art related careers in architecture, fine art, visual communications, industrial design, animation, photography and film making.

Art is offered to all Form I students as part of a rotating 10 week trial module, after which they can opt to study it for the Junior Certificate. The Junior Certificate is a project-based examination, which comprises of three sections; Fine Art or Visual Communications; 3D modelling; and Craft Option. Art is timetabled for two double periods and one single period a week.

In Transition Year, all students are again given the opportunity to explore Art in a rotating 15 week module. Our class work is made up of two projects: a painting project and an Art history project on a chosen painting. Our class work is complimented by a visit to an Art Gallery.

Also in Transition Year, students have two Art subject options, Architectural Studies and Product Design. Architectural Studies offers students the opportunity to experience and explore some of the issues, ideas and skills required to plan and design buildings. Each student plans, design and builds a scale model of their ‘Dream House’. The Product Design course offers students the opportunity to experience and explore the issues surrounding the design of everyday objects. Each student is given a product brief to solve, design, decorate and construct a package design appropriate for that particular product.

Art is a subject option for Leaving Certificate. The syllabus is designed to facilitate all levels of ability and to enable each student to realise their own abilities and develop their strengths and interests.  The current course is made of four sections: Art History; Imaginative composition; Design/Craftwork; and life drawing. Art is timetabled for three single periods and one double period a week.