Social, Personal and Health Education

The S.P.H.E. programme reflects Sandford Park School’s continuing commitment to the personal development, health and well-being of its students. In keeping with the holistic education and pastoral care ethos of the school, it has been designed to help students in all year groups develop into mature young men by meeting the challenges they face in our ever changing society. The aim is to promote self-esteem, a sense of security, a healthy attitude towards personal relationships and a genuine respect for all individuals.

The S.P.H.E. curriculum is spiral in nature, and is presented in ten modules, revisited year-by-year and growing in depth and relevance each time, whilst remaining age appropriate. These modules are:

  • Belonging and integration
  • Self management
  • Communication skills
  • Physical health
  • Friendship
  • Emotional health
  • Relationships and sexuality
  • Influences and decision making
  • Substance use
  • Personal safety

Besides the weekly timetabled classes specifically set aside for S.P.H.E., the programme also uses a cross-curricular and co-curricular approach. The administration, teachers and parents of the school recognise that these modules are not discrete entities, and that the process of growing into adulthood can never be restricted solely to the classroom.

This shared belief in the importance of Sandford Park School as a setting for promoting healthy development while enhancing educational attainment is the basis of this programme, and provides students with a unique opportunity to develop the skills and competence to learn about themselves, to care for themselves and others, and to make informed decisions about their health, personal lives, and social development.