Accounting is offered in Sandford Park School as part of our Leaving Certificate cycle. At the heart of accounting is the skill of double entry bookkeeping, the first formal exposition of which was in 1494. Our students are exploring and learning the history and future of financial communication. The course consists of Financial Accounting (80%) and Management Accounting (20%).

Financial accounting requires students to prepare workings in ledger format and then to transfer this information to final accounts, for organisations ranging from public companies to farms. In addition, students study correction of errors, tabular statements, control accounts and the preparation of accounts from incomplete records. Management accounting, meanwhile, involves the study of costing and budgeting.

Accounting is a subject that arms students with practical and useful skills, and prepares the ground for further study in third-level institutions. It demands of the students that they should have a desire to improve their skills through practice, have the ability to repeat procedures to improve speed and accuracy, enjoy working with numbers and be able to memorise the relevant formats for accounts.

Sandford Park pupils find Accountancy stimulating and worthwhile, and it is always a popular option in Form V.