The school library plays a central role in the life of the school and in the education of its pupils. The principle aim of the library is to provide the perfect environment where all students can develop a lifelong love of reading and learning.

It fulfils a number of important functions. These include:

  • Catering for the educational requirements of both students and teachers;
  • Assisting and supporting independent learning and research;
  • Encouraging reading in a variety of areas for both personal and academic development;
  • Awareness and training in the area of IT to both enhance learning and to help in academic project creation and presentation;
  • Providing an alternative venue to the classroom for whole class visits;
  • Displays of student work for subjects such as C.S.P.E. and Geography

The library contains excellent resources, for example books and magazines, which cater for all ranges of interests, both academic and non-academic.

The computers in the library have access to the internet, the complete library catalogue, Microsoft Office and educational software packages, including mind-mapping, touch typing and music programmes.

The library contains core textbooks, past exam papers and an up-to-date careers section.

At the entrance to the library there is an electronic notice board which displays the ‘Word and Quote of the Day’, a motivational tip for the week, and announcements for music, sport and Green School activities.

A full-time librarian is on hand at all times to assist students with their learning, research and study.

Annual Events:

Library Quiz

  •  Sandford has won this two years in a row
  • The school hosted it last year and will host it again in the Summer Term
  • 12 local schools involved

Spelling Bee competition

  • Students participate competing against other schools


The library also supports national and school events such as Science Week, Maths Week, Maths Extravaganza.

The library Works in conjunction with Rathmines Library to source books for the Junior and Senior book club.


The library is open from 8.10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. daily but closes at the earlier time of 3.00 p.m. on Wednesdays.