Civic, Social and Political Education

The aim of C.S.P.E. is to foster an interest in and understanding of the seven concepts on which the subject is founded. These are Rights and Responsibilities, Human Dignity, Development, Democracy, Law, Stewardship, and Interdependence. Human values, such as tolerance of and respect for other people’s cultures are promoted and an interest in national and global politics is encouraged. Links with the local community are fostered through the invitation of guest speakers from charitable organisations, as well as local politicians.

C.S.P.E. is a core subject at Junior Cycle level. Students take one class a week in the subject for the three years of the cycle. Active Learning methodologies are an integral part of the subject and many forms of group learning take place. Walking debates, role play and presentations by students are all part of a normal class in this subject.

An Action Project, as required by the Junior Cycle syllabus, is undertaken each year. These vary from organising fund-raising days for local charities to a visit to the Dáil, or a designated day highlighting a particular issue of local interest. Each year, the Brian Lilburn prize for C.S.P.E. is awarded to the student who has demonstrated a great appreciation of the subject through his actions in class.