Academic Year 2020 – 2021

Annual Tuition Fees     €7,150 Invoiced in two instalments September and February

Musical Instrument Fees (optional) €990 Invoiced in two instalments September and February

Payment Policy

Fees are due for payment on 1st September and 1st February. Payment can be made by Electronic Funds Transfer to the Sandford Park School bank account at AIB, Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2 (IBAN number: IE52 AIBK 9312 2540 6490 92 SWIFT/BIC code: AIBKIE2D), by using the Easy Payment Plus facility accessed through the Sandford Park School website or by cheque made out to Sandford Park School and addressed to the Bursar.

Please note we are currently unable to accept cash payments.


Payment of accounts can also be made by Direct Debit on the following basis:

These are paid in ten monthly instalments. Payments commence on 5th September to 5th June of each academic year inclusive.Extras are itemised on the statements issued in September, February & April. Direct Debit accounts are subject to an annual administration fee of €30.

Feepayer specific statements are issued in July, January, and April. All Fee accounts must be paid in full by 31st May to ensure a student’s progression to the next academic year.

Any deviation from the above payment methods will incur a monthly surcharge of 1% per month for every month unpaid. In the event of non-payment of fees, The Board of Governors reserves the right to withdraw the student from the school.

Special Circumstances

If a feepayer is experiencing exceptional financial difficulties, they may apply to the Bursar with supporting documentation for an individualised payment schedule and terms. The Board of Governors will adjudicate on all cases presented. 


Parents may be eligible to apply to the following bodies for financial assistance:

Secondary Education Committee Grant – a means tested grant awarded by the State to parents of a Protestant denomination. The application process commences October/November each year.  However, applications are currently accepted for parents who have experienced Covid related difficulties. Details are available on the SEC website www.secgrant.ie.

Protestant Aid and Bertrand and Rutland Fund – Please contact the Bursar for more information.


The school offers sibling discounts on fees (net of any Scholarship or Bursary) for 2nd child 10%, 3rd child 20% and 4th child 30%. Fee discounts of 10% are also available for children of Past Pupils.


It is expected that all students who join Sandford Park School will leave at the end of 6th Year. If students are withdrawn prior to this, a full term’s notice must be given in writing to the Principal. For example, a student being withdrawn for the term beginning September 1st must give notice in the Spring Term (January – March). Where a full term’s notice is not given, Parents/Guardians are reminded that they are liable for one term’s fees in lieu of notice.


Due to the current Covidi-19 restrictions, there are no TY overnight trips planned. There is an extra charge of €330 to Transition Year students to cover appropriate additional activities during the year. This is charged in two equal instalments on the September & February statement.


The school has introducing a cashless payment system debitrak, for purchasing school lunches from August 2020. This item will no longer be charged on the fee statement. Lunch will be provided on a takeaway basis with appropriate socially distanced seating available in a Marquee adjacent to the Dining Hall. While every effort has been made to provide a varied choice, we will be operating a reduced menu due to the current Covid-19 restrictions. A vegetarian salad will be available. Food will be served in disposable compostable containers. Crockery, if required is also single use and compostable.

The menu will be available to view each week on the school website.


Fees for music lessons are charged in the term the lessons are undertaken, for example, lessons for the period September – December will appear in the September statement. The academic year consists of thirty lessons.  Parents/guardians who wish their son/daughter to have music tuition must fill out the appropriate application form and return it to the Instrumental/Voice Tuition Coordinator. Should any student wish to discontinue lessons notice must be provided in writing at the end of the school year.


This is charged in September & provides for payment of a lump sum in the event of serious injury or death as well as reimbursement of certain medical costs. Each student has 24 hour cover including social, domestic and leisure as well as all school activities. It is a condition of attendance that all students are covered by this scheme.


Fee insurance is charged twice yearly in September and February and provides for a rebate of fees in the event of an illness continuing for more than five days (including weekends) as well as remission of fees for up to three terms in the event of the accidental death of the principal fee payer.

Participation in the scheme is optional. Parents/guardians must advise the School in writing prior to the beginning of the academic year if they do not wish to have cover under this policy.

Full details of the scheme & cover provided can be obtained from the Bursar.


While every precaution is taken to protect the property of students, the school cannot accept responsibility for missing items or items of value brought to the school. The personal property of the students is not covered by school insurance and parents are advised to make their own arrangements to ensure any valuable items are covered under their own policies. Items NOT covered include bicycles, musical instruments, mobile phones, laptops, iphones and money.


Malicious damages and breakages are charged to the parents/guardians on the next account furnished.


Additional information relating to fees, extras and insurances can be obtained from the Bursar’s office.