2012/2013 Wizard of Oz

It’s been two months since Dorothy found her way back to Kansas from the Land of Oz, and it’s taken that long to gain something of a detached perspective on the school’s production of Wizard of Oz. The show closed on the first of December, but the buzz still remains.

This was undoubtedly the biggest production in the school’s history. There was 21st century technology effects, including green screen video and pyrotechnics. There were 1st class musicians and professional stage hands, stunning backdrops and sumptuous costumes. But most of all, there was a ‘cast of thousands’ that brought Kansas and Oz vibrantly alive. From munchkins to monkeys, witches to winkies, and Emerald city citizens, the performances were nothing short of magic. Conrad Jones was just OZsome. James Orr, William Doyle and Darragh Creedon as the Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion respectively, won our hearts with their energetic and sensitive portrayals. Remy Naidoo, as Dorothy, displayed the acting, singing and dancing talents of a professional performer. Oh, and Toto too. In a display of perfect method acting, Flumpy, the Miniature Schnauzer, ensured the production was never short on the ‘ahhh’ factor.

There were five sell-out performances over four days. Practically everyone in the school lent a hand in tasks small and large. The production received tremendous support from the Board of Governers, administration, teachers, students, parents, and of course, Sandford Union members. The entire endeavor, from planning to performance, proved to be a magical experience for everyone involved.

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