Board of Governors

Sandford Park School is administered by a Board of Governors, most of whom are former Sandford students and whose sons or daughters have either attended or currently attend the school. This commitment to, and interest in, their former school is indicative of how much past pupils cherish their experience at the school as a formative part of their development.

Bill Harte (Chairman)

Sales Manager

Former Parent, son and daughter attended the school

Darren Cran

Chartered Accountant

Parent, 2 sons attending the school

Glenn Cran

Chartered Surveyor

Mary Donohoe

Primary School Teacher

Parent, son attending the school

Jeremy Lamb

Structural Engineer – Director

Parent, son attending the school

Declan Merry

Chartered Accountant

Louis Roden


Parent, son attending the school

Susan Smith

GP and Academic

Parent of 2 sons, past pupils and 1 daughter, attending the school (Orrs)

Adam Winkelmann

Corporate Development Advisor

Former Pupil