Supporting Sandford

Development Plan and Development Appeal

The Development Plan was conceived in 2003 and its objective was to improve the physical infrastructure of the School so that it was compatible with the quality of education which we aspired to provide for our students. The components of this major project were the Music Centre, Library, Dining Room, the Teachers’ Resource Centre and finally the Multi-Purpose Hall, which was completed earlier this year.

The total cost of the Plan was just short of €9 million of which €5.1 million was funded by the School from the proceeds of the sale of a site on Merton Drive. A further €2 million has been contributed by Parents and Friends. Despite their generosity, and as no funding was available from the Department of Education, we have had to arrange a bank loan of €1.75 million to finance the shortfall. This therefore, leaves us in a position whereby we have to continue fundraising to pay off this debt.

How you can show your support

There are three ways in which you might consider supporting this Appeal:

  • Tax efficient pledges

A tax efficient pledge to the School is the best way to support the Appeal. A gift made in this way may result in more money being received by the School while costing the donor less. It is suggested that you might consider making a donation by way of monthly payments over 4/5 years, for example, €100 a month would amount to €6,000 over 5 years.

  • Corporate Gifts

Companies can make a contribution and treat it as a trading expense, up to a maximum of €10,000 in any accounting year. Such relief is at the standard corporate rate.

  • Saleable Assets

We would be delighted to accept gifts in the form of property, shares or other financial instruments on which capital gains tax would be payable if they were sold. If such assets are given to the School, neither the donor nor the School is liable for capital gains tax once the asset is sold.

Given the complexity of tax legislation, we would advise all donors to take tax advice before choosing the way in which they wish to make a contribution to the Appeal.


 Letter of Intent

 Banker’s Order

 Tax Relief Form

For more details on any of the above please contact:

The Bursar,

Sandford Park School Appeal,


Dublin 6


Telephone: (353) 1 497 1417

Facsimile: (353) 1 497 1443


Email:  [email protected] or [email protected]