Learning Support

The ethos of Sandford Park School is one of inclusiveness. The School recognises that individuals are unique in their interests, abilities and learning needs, and that diversity should be acknowledged and valued.

We believe that all students should receive the opportunity to develop their educational potential. The Special Education Needs (S.E.N.) department seeks to provide academic and pastoral support to those students who are gifted and talented as well as those students who have specific educational needs. This aim may be supported through early identification, in class support, differentiated teaching and specialist tuition where applicable. The S.E.N. department will provide ongoing liaison with subject teachers, parents and outside agencies.

Our policy is to support all members of staff in providing a positive and inclusive approach towards the learning and progress of S.E.N. students. All teachers are teachers of students with special education needs. Teaching and supporting such pupils is therefore a whole school responsibility requiring a whole school response, guided by the S.E.N. department.