2010/2011 Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac

It is a bit unnerving when a production is only weeks away and the weather decides to be decidedly uncooperative by entombing Dublin in snow and ice. So it happened, and so it was that we took the only course of action possible – move the performance dates from February to April. This gave us the breathing space to adequately rehearse what can be a very difficult play to perform.

Rostand’s timeless play recalls the exploits of the eccentric man, Cyrano, who is confident in everything except his looks. His ‘gargantuan olfactory protrusion’ is the source of much of the play’s comedy and tragedy. And although he comes to a sadly emotional end, dying in the arms of his beloved Roxanne, his is a story of courage, forgiveness and triumph.

From falling trees, to soulful tin-whistle solos, to the now famous ‘Culligan’ style of acting (‘Heaven help meeeeeee!!’), to the cat-like climbing skills of James ‘Spiderman’ Orr, to Christopher Allwright’s first-class, truly memorable performance, the play was indeed something special.

There were many positive comments on the production, One such comment was from someone who had recently seen a professional production of Cyrano in England. She was effusive in her praise that the Sandford Park School play far exceeded the English one in both its professionalism and its entertainment value.

Many thanks again to all who were involved, especially the Transition Year boys of Sandford and the girls of Alexandra College.

It is heartening that after an exceptionally cold winter we were able to warm the hearts of our audience.

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