Pastoral Care

One of the School’s most significant features is its reputation for providing excellent pastoral care for students. As a co-educational School we strive to develop a positive community spirit as well as focusing on the needs of each individual student so that he or she can acquire the self confidence and personal attributes to succeed in all walks of life.

The Pastoral Care team consists of:

  • The Form Teacher
  • The Form 1 Year Head
  • The Form 2 Year Head
  • The Form 3 Year Head
  • The TY Coordinator
  • The Form 5 Year Head
  • The Form 6 Year Head
  • The Guidance Counsellor
  • The Learning Support Teacher
  • Deputy Principal
  • Principal

The Form Teacher is the most important point of contact for every student and his or her parents/guardians.  This care role involves looking after students’ progress: personal, social and academic. Students remain in the care of their form teacher from Form I to Form VI.  The Form Teacher will liaise with other members of the Pastoral Care team if and when issues arise.