At Sandford Park School, we aim to give all our students a confidence in Mathematics, by making the subject enjoyable and teaching our students at a pace and an ability level that is suitable to them.

We study Mathematics because it teaches us a way of thinking which is both logical and analytical, while improving our problem solving abilities. Mathematics also has an important role in helping people deal with everyday situations, from understanding bus timetables to completing tax returns. There are many secondary benefits to the study of Mathematics; mathematical ability is beneficial to subjects with a problem solving or arithmetic component, for example science and business. Other topics, such as sets, geometry, and sequences and series, lead to even broader applications. The study of Mathematics provides the skills needed by future scientists, engineers and economists.

Mathematics is a core subject throughout the school and all students are prepared for State examinations at both Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate level. In first year, classes are of mixed ability, while from second year onwards students are taught at an ability level suitable to them.

There are a wide variety of resources available to teachers within the Mathematics department, including interactive whiteboards/data projectors and access to the IT Lab. There is considerable IT experience within the Mathematics Department, allowing for the creation of dynamic lessons. Data folders on the school server allow teachers to share resources with each other and with their students.

Students of Mathematics have participated in a range of co-curricular activities, including the Irish Mathematics Teachers Association Junior Mathematics quiz and the Mathematics Olympiad.  Students often perform very well in these competitions and frequently get placed.