Parent Teacher Association

Sandford Park School has a very dynamic and supportive Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.). All parents/guardians and teachers are welcome to become members. The P.T.A. has several functions. Firstly, it organizes social events: wine and savoury evening in the first term and summer evening party in mid-May. The purpose of these events is to offer an opportunity to parents/guardians and teachers to get to know each other. In addition, the Association runs a uniform sale and provides financial support to projects within the school. Recent examples include the framing of students’ artwork and the provision of IT facilities. It also sponsors lectures for the student and /or parent body.

The P.T.A. also assists with a series of parent-teacher meetings, which take place at regular intervals during the year. These meetings allow parents/guardians to meet the individual subject teachers of their sons/daughters and discuss his/her progress.

The P.T.A. committee is comprised of five fathers/guardians, five mothers/guardians, a teacher’s representative and the school Principal. The Principal acts as chairperson and is a permanent member of the association. All other members serve for three years. The association has two other officers, namely a secretary and a treasurer who are elected from the committee members. The association may from time to time co-opt new members to the committee if it is felt that a need arises for an individual with specialist knowledge who would be of value to a particular project.

The annual general meeting of the association is held in late September of each year. New members are elected to the association when a vacancy arises. The secretary and the treasurer of the association provide a summary of the past year’s activities. The association normally has a guest speaker at its A.G.M.