Available from Monday 17th May 2021

Monday 17th May

Oven Baked (Irish) Beef Lasagne (contains celery, wheat, milk)

Baked Potato & Ratatouille (contains celery)

Oven Baked Diced Potatoes (contains wheat)
Chicken Tikka Panini (contains wheat, egg, mustard)

Yoghurt & Fruit

Tuesday 18th May

Chicken Korma & Rice (contains celery, milk)
Vegetable Spring Roll (contains wheat)

BBQ Pulled Pork Panini (contains wheat)

New Boiled Potatoes

Eclairs (contains wheat, egg, milk)

Thursday 20th May

Spaghetti Bolognese (contains wheat, celery)

Filled Omelettes (contains egg, milk)

Cajun Chicken Panini (contains wheat, egg, mustard)

Potato Wedges (contains wheat)

Iced Donuts

Yoghurt & Fruit


Subject to availability

Gluten free options available

Vegetarian or Meat Salad of the Day