Available from Monday 3rd October 2022

Monday 3rd October

Chicken Milanese w/ Tagliatelle (contains celery, gluten)

Feta, Rocket, & Sun-dried Tomatoes Quiche (contains egg, milk, gluten)

New Boiled Potatoes

Green beans

Ham & Cheese Bagel (contains wheat, egg, milk, mustard)

Yoghurt & Fruit

Tuesday 4th October

Beef Moussaka (contains milk, celery)

Mushroom Stroganoff & Rice (contains milk, celery)

Oven Baked Potato Wedges (contains wheat)

Medley of Vegetables

Chicken Tikka Panini (contains wheat, egg, mustard)

Iced Donuts

Thursday 6th October

Chicken & Bacon Vol-au-vent (contains celery, milk, wheat)

Vegetable Lasagne (contains wheat, milk, celery)

Roast Potatoes

BBQ Pulled Pork Panini (contains wheat, egg, mustard)



Friday 7th October

Chicken Burger & Burger Bap (contains wheat)

Beer Battered Cod (contains wheat, fish)

Fried Egg

Baked Beans

Curry Sauce


Margherita Pizza (contains wheat) Yoghurt & Fruit

Subject to availability                                                                                                          

Gluten free options available

Vegetarian or Meat Salad of the Day