Available from Tuesday 26th September 2023

Monday 25th September

School closed

Tuesday 26th September

Breaded Chicken Fillet (contains wheat)

Garlic Butter (contains milk) or Gravy

Fetta, Rocket, Sundried Tomato Quiche (contains milk, egg, wheat)

Roasted New Boiled Potato

 Green beans

Ham & Cheese Panini (contains milk, egg, mustard, wheat)

Chocolate Brownie & Cream (contains milk, egg, wheat, soya)

Wednesday 27th September

Soup of the day (contains sulphites, celery)

Thursday 28th September

Mince Beef (contains celery)

Tacos (contains wheat)

Vegetable Spring Rolls (contains wheat)

Oven Baked Diced Potato (contains wheat)


Cheesy Chicken Panini (contains milk, egg, mustard, wheat)

Iced Donuts (contains wheat, soya)

Friday 29th September

Chicken Burger & Burger Bap (contains wheat)

Beer Battered Cod Fillets (contains fish, wheat)

Cheese & Tomato Panini (contains milk, egg, mustard, wheat)

Baked Beans

Fried Egg


Yoghurt & Fruit

Subject to availability                                                                                                          

Gluten free options available

Vegetarian or Meat Salad of the Day