Available from Monday 30th January

Monday 30th January

Sweet & Sour Chicken (contains celery)


Vegetable Jalfrezi (contains celery)


Oven Baked Diced Potatoes (contains wheat)

Ham & Cheese Panini (contains milk, egg, mustard, wheat)

Yoghurt & Fruit (contains milk)

Tuesday 31st January

Cottage Pie (contains celery, sulphites)

Roasted Vegetable & Chickpea Casserole (contains celery)

Roast Potatoes

Green Beans

Chicken Mayo Panini (contains wheat, egg, mustard, milk)

Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake (contains wheat, milk, egg)

Thursday 2nd February

Spaghetti  (contains wheat)

Bolognese (contains celery)

Pasta with Tomato & Basil Sauce (contains wheat, celery)

Sautéed Potatoes (contains sulphites)

BBQ Chicken Panini (contains wheat)

Donut (contains wheat, soya)

Friday 3rd February

Breaded Chicken Fillet (contains wheat)

Poached Salmon (contains fish, celery)

Poached Egg

Baked Beans

Chips & Curry Sauce

Cheese & Tomato Panini (contains wheat, egg, milk)

Yoghurt & Fruit (contains milk)

Subject to availability                                                                                                          

Gluten free options available

Vegetarian or Meat Salad of the Day