The aim of the Spanish course is to foster a love of the Spanish language and an interest in Hispanic cultures. The emphasis is on communicative Spanish, namely understanding and speaking the language, as well as developing the reading and writing skills of pupils. The department encourages active learning, which has proven successful in helping improve confidence in speaking the language. In most lessons, the four language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are practised. The use of IT is actively encouraged in every class through the use of an interactive whiteboard and student access to computers, where possible.

All students take Spanish in Form I, and can continue studying it as an option for both the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate examinations. The Hispanic world offers a wealth of opportunity and the ability to speak Spanish allows Sandford Park pupils to access this. They will be able to consider the possibility of pursuing third-level studies through Spanish, at home or abroad, as well as benefitting from being able to communicate comfortably while travelling in Spanish-speaking countries.

Most employers list the ability to speak languages as very desirable in an increasingly global market and the increasing competition for jobs means that a foreign language, especially one that not everyone else has, is becoming an asset in all employment areas.