While Drama is an integral part of both the Junior and Senior English curricula, it really comes into its own in the First Year Drama module, the Transition Year Creative Arts programme and, in particular, the Sandford Park Drama Society’s annual whole-school productions. It is in these productions that student from all years have an opportunity to display their various talents both on and off the stage. Our productions have a reputation for their extremely high theatrical and educational value.

Students are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of the staging process, from set building, lighting and direction, to design of programmes, photography, sales and promotion, and of course acting on the stage itself. Plays are chosen before the year begins, so that it can be cast and rehearsed thoroughly, without impeding the normal timetable. Parts are normally given to students in Transition Year and Form V.

The 2019 production of The Skin of Our Teeth, while something of a departure from traditional theatre proved to be highly successful. One particularly famous acting coach, who has been training actors and producing play for almost 60 years, commented extremely favourably on both the standard of the acting of the principal actors and the professional standard of the production as a whole.