1. Sandford Park School is a non-denominational school, which welcomes pupils of all and no religious background.
  2. A recognition of the individuality of all of our pupils and our staff, and of their right to the enjoyment of their roles within the school.
  3. A recognition of our responsibility to the community as well as to the individuals who comprise that community.
  4. A recognition that all learning is based on a relationship which is humane and caring without being over-indulgent, casual or selective.
  5. A recognition that we each bear a shared responsibility for the reputation of the school.
  6. To ensure all staff (teaching, administrative, catering, maintenance, etc.) recognise their participation in a total educational process, which is guided by a desire to maintain the highest possible standards. To this end, we are conscious of acting as role models of adult behaviour for the young people we deal with, who are at a formative stage of development.
  7. That we strive to create an atmosphere that is calm and reflective and to allow our pupils to acquire these traits.
  8. That in the exercise of our authority as teachers, we recognise the principle and practice of natural justice.