Project Deadlines

Transition Year Project List 2020-21

Be aware that every project listed here must be completed and a reflection written for your ePortfolio. The contents of this list may be added to and/or altered by the subject teacher.

Subject and TeacherProjectFormatDue Date
Ms McDunphy Ms Lyons Murphy Mr Shepard
1. Storytelling
2. Music and Poetry
3. Our Novel
1. Creative written project
2. Booklet
3. Various options
Students will be notified by their teacher at the start of the year
Mr Curraion
Ms Sheridan
1. Report on Lá Geal Gréine
2. Creating a Grammar Resource for Collaboration
1. Written report  
2. Can be completed and presented in various formats
    End of Module
Mr Wall
Mr O’Malley
Mr Kealey
The Average Student  Infographic  End of statistics module    
Mr Dunlop
Ms Kubanyi
Ms Lyons Murphy
1. The ideal house
2. Holidaying in France
1. Presentation
2. Booklet and/or PowerPoint.
Students will be notified by their teacher at the start of the year
Mr McBain
Mr Smith
Ms O’ Brien
1. Mapwork
2. Social Geography Project
1. Booklet and/or PowerPoint.
2. Research project with action component.  
    End of April  
Dr Kilroy
Mr Smith
Ms Gray
1. Super Hero Project  
2. Long investigation
1. Creating a SuperHero using new scientific technologies
2. Report
  Mid November   Mid March  
Ms Connery
Mr Brennan
1. TY Enterprise
2. Accounting
3. Economics
Written reports and presentations  End of module    
Ms O’Loghlin
1. Focus on a Hispanic countryVideo or Presentation with audio  End of April  
Ms Bradshaw
Mr Keogh  
Research Report1500 word research report on subject of choice, including an outline plan, evaluated sources and review of the process, as per Leaving Certificate.December (group one) April (group two)
Classical Studies
Ms Bradshaw
Mr Keogh
Guidebook to Ancient GreeceBooklet on Ancient GreeceDecember (group one) April (group two)
Mr Murphy
Mr Keogh
  String QuartetAn original composition for string quartet, a maximum of 1-2 mins.  End of Module  
Information Technology
Mr Forbes
Mr Kealey  
1. Word processing
2. Computational Thinking 3. Coding 4. Microprocessors  
Projects will be completed and presented in various formats such as code, booklets, PowerPoints and presentations.Autumn term Autumn term   Spring term Summer term
Ms Toner
1. Print  
2. My Favourite Artist
1. Self-portrait using lino printing 2. Research project5 weeks into module   End of module
Architectural Studies
Ms Toner
1. My dream home  
2. Landscape Garden
1. Design your dream home project
2. Design project
5 weeks into module   End of module
Ms McDunphy
Philosophic Research ProjectProject on a philosophic theme  End of Module
Ms Ilyin
  PowerPoint/SpeechDesign a PowerPoint/speech on a topical Russian themes / personalities discussed in class.Week 9 of module
Film Studies
Mr O’Malley
Film CritiqueWritten analysis of various film extracts and a reverse storyboard.Week 9 of module  
Personal and Social development
Ms Thompson
Interest and Skills ChecklistEssay on the outcomes of 2 interest inventories.Week 6 of Module