Music Scholarship

The Music Scholarship is open to students coming into Form I and is awarded at the sole discretion of the Board of Governors on the advice of the Head of Music and Principal. The scholarship may be offered to a student from any musical tradition (classical, rock, jazz, traditional etc.) who is deemed to have the potential to make a significant contribution to the musical life of the school. The music scholarship takes place in January 2016.


1. Information about the Music Scholarship is provided to feeder schools and a notice is also placed in the Irish Times. An application form and further details can be obtained from the school.

2. A shortlist of candidates is drawn up by the Head of Music, having discussed the matter with the Principal.

3. The candidates are interviewed and auditioned (see below).

4. A recommendation is made to the Board of Governors. The Board may award a whole or part scholarship which may be for up to six years, reviewable annually and will cover tuition but not extra music lessons.

The Audition/Interview

The audition and interview should take a maximum of 20 minutes per candidate.

The candidate will be asked to:

  • Perform a piece or song (with accompaniment if musically appropriate)
  • Undertake a piece of sight reading OR to improvise on a short musical idea provided by the Head of Music
  • Undertake the following aural tests: sing back a short musical phrase, clap back a short musical phrase, answer questions about a piece of music played twice

The candidate will be then asked some general questions, including questions about their interest in music, the music they enjoy listening to and what they feel they can bring to Sandford Park School.

The Decision

In reaching their decision, the Board will take into account written recommendations from the student’s Primary School Principal and existing teacher of Music as well as academic results. If offered a scholarship, the student will be required to sit and pass the Entrance Assessment to the school. The Board’s decision to grant or refuse a Music Scholarship shall be final.

The Music Scholarship

The Board of Governors may award a Music Scholarship allowing full or partial remission of fees for up to six years, subject to annual renewal. The terms of the scholarship will be reviewed and may be amended, annually.

The successful candidate and his parents / guardians will be required to sign a contract which outlines what is expected of the candidate in order for the scholarship to be renewed from year to year. The Board retains the right to terminate or to amend the terms of the scholarship, e.g. if outside music commitments are put ahead of school music commitments, non-performance in school music events and/or dropping music as a subject (these examples are not an exhaustive list).