Academic Scholarship

The Board of Governors of the school may award to candidates, who show a high level of academic achievement, scholarships of full or partial remission of fees for a period up to six years. A pupil who is awarded and who accepts a scholarship will be subject to a review of his/her progress at the end of each academic year.

The Academic Scholarship is advertised in the Irish Times in early December.

Candidates will be examined in verbal, quantitative and abstract reasoning, and they will also sit English, Maths and a General paper.  The General paper is divided into three sections: History, Geography and Science. Questions are designed to test a candidate’s competence in the content of the National School Curriculum for sixth class.  The Science section of the General paper does not presuppose that a candidate has studied a formal curriculum in this subject. In reaching their decision, the Board may take into account supporting documentation such as a reference from a school principal and copies of relevant certificates of achievement.

Students who have been awarded scholarships in the past have shown strength across the spectrum of the subjects examined.  They have displayed a high level of competence in the comprehension of basic principles, a flexible and imaginative approach to problem solving as well as fluency and organisation in their communication of knowledge.

Candidates are assigned an examination number and their identity is known only to the Principal. The Principal is not an assessor of candidates’ work in any subject.  A candidate’s script is assessed by an experienced teacher in each subject area.

Each candidate is informed in writing as to whether or not he has been awarded a scholarship.  Marks in individual subjects and rank order places are not published by the school. To obviate cramming, the school does not issue sample scholarship papers.