Admission Procedure

New applications

All applications for places at the school must be submitted on the approved application form accompanied by a photo (passport size), a copy of the birth certificate, an application fee, recent school reports (if applicable) and other relevant documentation. Once a new application form is received, the application fee is passed to the Bursar to process and a receipt is issued. The school forwards a letter of acknowledgement with the receipt. The application form is filed.

Making offers

First offers of places in Form One are made approximately two years in advance of the intended date of entry. A letter of offer and an Acceptance Form are sent by post to the parents / guardians. Applicants are usually given a month to respond to the offer. After this time, if they have not responded, the school contacts them to ensure they have received the letter and to seek a response. Parents / guardians who are unable to confirm acceptance at this stage have their son’s/daughter’s name placed on the waiting list. There is no guarantee that a second offer will be made.

Accepting an offer

If parents / guardians intend to accept the offer, they should return the acceptance form with a cheque for €700, made payable to Sandford Park School Ltd. This sum is a deposit, which will be returned to the parents when the student leaves the school. The Acceptance Form and cheque are passed to the Bursar to process. The school forwards a receipt and letter of acknowledgement to parents.